Government-run family pet kidnap-and-murder operation


When owners of seized or lost dogs can’t afford to get their pets back, they relinquish their rights to the animal, which can result in a pet being euthanized. Meanwhile, a CNN Money analysis of active warrants from a sampling of 15 cities and counties across the country found thousands of outstanding warrants for small pet-related offenses.

Outraged pet owners and animal rights attorneys say these harsh tactics are all about generating money and unfairly impact low-income Americans.

This dog, named Chunk, was murdered by the government in 2013.

Family dog kidnapped from a woman’s yard and held for ransom, then murdered by government thugs

As CNN Money reports, a California resident named Elizabeth Vasquez says two dogs were kidnapped from her back yard by animal control “officers.”

They fined her $500, and when she could only come up with half the cash, they murdered one of the two dogs.

“[A]nimal control killed Silver before she could scrape together enough cash to get the dog out, says Vasquez, who speaks only Spanish,” reports CNN.

It also turns out that the animal control mafia targets low-income neighborhoods where people often simply can’t

Medicinal marijuana is now healing pets too! Harmless plant miraculously cures chronic issues in dogs


National re-legalization of marijuana is closer than it’s ever been. The majority of Americans are starting to realize that cannabis is NOT an addictive, immoral and destructive drug. Americans are starting to see cannabis for what it truly is — a harmless, useful plant with several healing virtues. Among the virtues being rediscovered is cannabis’s ability to cure chronic issues in dogs.

The more states legalize the plant for medicinal purposes, the more we see businesses springing up to help both people and pets get well.

It’s important to understand that marijuana’s potential for abuse is not much different from that of OTC pain meds, soda or television, which are all legal. Actually, marijuana is practically safer than all three. Eating too much pain pills can wipe out one’s liver. Drinking too much soda can make one an obese, type II diabetic, and watching too much television can send people into states of lazy hypnosis that convince them via advertisement to buy into a long list of fast foods and pharmaceutical drugs.

Marijuana is not all about getting “high” either. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is psychoactive but is just

Warning: Your pets could be a breeding ground for disease


Are you a dog lover who lets your dog sleep in your bed and shower you with kisses right on the mouth? After reviewing the potential diseases that you can catch from your dog, you might want to take it down a notch. Zoonotic illness is disease passed from animals to humans, and although that might not be too common of an occurrence, it is helpful to know what these diseases are and how to prevent them.

“If you wash your hands and handle your animals carefully,” said veterinarian Emilio DeBess, DVM, State Public Health Veterinarian for Oregon, “you shouldn’t have any problems.” The risk of disease is fairly low, and the health benefits from having a pet are plentiful. This list may be a bit alarming, but most diseases can be avoided with a little knowledge, prevention measures and common sense.

Seven diseases you can get from your dog

The most contagious of all zoonotic illnesses is ringworm. Ringworm spores can live without a host for months, making it easy for your pet to get this fungal infection. Despite its name, ringworm is a fungal